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Contemporary Art Evening Auction
Sotheby’s, London. Exhibition 25-29th June. Sale 22th June 2011

It would seem that almost overnight – I wrote and posted my previous blog, below, only last Friday, so I can’t claim that my criticisms had any bearing on the rehash –  Sotheby’s have changed their style of video presentation. This one begins with an animated discussion between two of the company’s contemporary art specialists – one male, reasonably well-dressed, and one female, wearing an interesting top, in a gallery situation. There’s lots of hand movement: lots of changes of camera angle, from an obviously hand-held camera, zooms and wide shots. A third expert arrives and joins in with the discussion. A little later it reverts back to the more static presentation, however the first, lively couple make another appearance, which makes for a happy end. It’s really a big improvement.

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