Design | 100 Best German-Speaking Posters

Striped Hills
Designed by Timo Lenzen, Germany
For Durex China, Shanghai
(via S-LAB, Beijing/Shanghai).
Digital print
© Timo Lenzen/100 Beste Plakate eV

100 Best Posters 15
Germany Austria Switzerland /
100 Beste Plakate 15
Deutschland Österreich Schweiz
Vienna | Austria
28 September 2016 > 5 February 2017

Hello Hello
Designed by Yvo Hählen
+ Priscilla Balmer, A3 studio, Switzerland

Commissioned by the artists.
Digital print
© A3 studio/100 Beste Plakate eV

More than 2000 were entered by 125 agencies and graphic design studios, 465 individual designers and 15 clients, and 964 posters made it through to the final round of the Vienna-based competition. In the true spirit of fairness which the organisers pride themselves upon, only two posters from Austria itself will appear in the 100-strong exhibition, along with 50 by Swiss designers and 48 from Germany.

Was glaubst du, wer du bist? /
Who do you think you are?
Designed by Günter Karl Bose
+ Uwe Langner,
LMN-Berlin, Germany
For Theater Bonn.
Digital print
© LMN-Berlin/100 Beste Plakate eV

Zwickl – Schwandorfer Dokumentarfilmtage 2015 /
Zwickl – Schwandorf documentary film days 2015
Designed by Oliver Hofmann + Benjamin Buchegger
+ Daniel Car, Beton – Gruppe für Gestaltung, Austria
For City of Schwandorf, Anne Schleicher.
Offset print
© Beton – Gruppe für Gestaltung/100 Beste Plakate eV

The most popular graphic design competition in the German-speaking world, the formidable jury consisting of chairman Gunter Rambow (Germany) , Günter Eder (Vienna) and Megi Zumstein (Lucerne), is augmented by Barcelona and Berlin-based, British designer Patrick Thomas, and Latvian-born, Igor Gurovich, graphic designer and tutor at the National Design Institute (Moscow).

Design x Taipei
Designed Jianping He, Hesign, Germany
For Taiwan Poster Association, Taipei.
Silk-screen print
© Hesign/100 Beste Plakate eV

Howlong Wolf
Design Isabelle Mauchle, Switzerland
For Neubad, Lucerne.
Digital print
© Isabelle Mauchle/100 Beste Plakate eV

According to Rambow, who has been designing since 1960, is a former professor of graphic design at the University of Kassel and of Visual Communication at the Staatliche Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe, and who regularly designs the posters for the Frankfurt Opera, the poster scene is on the move. New tendencies from youth culture are becoming visible, he says, and many graffiti sprayers have become designers. However, ‘Although they have always had intense competition, posters as images in public space will maintain their significance,’ he reassures us.

A catalogue for the MAK exhibition 100 Best Posters 15. Germany Austria Switzerland / 100 Beste Plakate 15. Deutschland Österreich Schweiz (Atlas 15), by Anita Kühnel will be available at the MAK Design Shop.

All images courtesy MAK

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