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Candy Spelling, 1985,
at The Factory

Andy Warhol at Casa Perfect
Casa Perfect
Los Angeles | USA
15 February > 22 March

Edie & Kipp
Film still

The Couch
Film still

We feel very honoured. Casa Perfect – which, in our ignorance, The Blog had never heard of, but which somehow has heard of us – has kindly sent us an invitation to a private cocktail party celebrating its first fine art installation, during Frieze Los Angeles, when it is hosting a selling exhibition of ‘never-before-seen’ photographs and films made by Andy Warhol.

Photography was central to Warhol’s oeuvre. In the early 1960s, he began appropriating images of Marilyn Monroe, Jackie Kennedy, Marlon Brando, and Elvis Presley. Enticingly, Casa Perfect is located at Presley’s former home – he lived there for six years at the height of his career – in an exclusive area of Beverly Hills. The mid-century property recently became the LA outpost of David Alhadeff’s painstakingly-curated, contemporary furniture and interior accessories outlet, The Future Perfect.

Diana Vreeland, 1983,
in her infamous red
living room at her
5th Ave apartment

Crosses, 1982,
photographed at
The Factory and
used as source
material to create
prints and paintings

Alhadeff, who founded his company in 2003, and who also has galleries in New York and San Francisco, thinks that shopping has become a chore. Casa Perfect, where visitors are welcome strictly by appointment only, presents gallery-like vignettes in a residential setting. Alhadeff says that it is his way of providing clients with a more intimate, personal experience with important, collectable design and of ‘reawakening the excitement of discovering the new’.

It’s perhaps something of a paradox, however, that Alhadeff, whose business prides itself in presenting short-run, often handmade pieces by named designers – items that are out of reach to the vast majority of people – has chosen to exhibit Andy Warhol’s work at Casa Perfect. Despite the artist’s fixation with wealth, money and fame, he probably did more to democratise art than any artist before him. He was strongly opposed to the noble ideals of the 19th-century British Arts and Crafts movement that espoused a return to craftsmanship and rejected the Industrial Revolution. Famously embracing mass-production, Warhol once declared that he wanted to be a machine.

Lou Reed
Film still

Archie & George
Film still

Andy Warhol at Casa Perfect, featuring images of, among others, Jane Fonda, Lana Turner, Tina Chow, Candy Spelling, Diana Vreeland and Lou Reed, will include photo-booth strips, silver gelatin prints and short films. Apologies: the company refuses to share the prices of its exhibits, and there is no available online link to the show for us to post for you.

All images by Andy Warhol, from the James Hedges Foundation, courtesy Casa Perfect

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