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Saturday, January 8th, 2011

Bloomberg Businessweek, Year in review

There wasn’t much on the road. There was a lot of snow around but the sky was clear. This was the second time we’d stopped on our drive north to spend Christmas with family. The magazine racks in the service station shop were piled high with Christmas specials in every conceivable combination of red, white and gold. Smaller than the rest, Bloomberg Businessweek, Year in Review had on its cover a stark, rainbow-coloured, 3D pie chart against a solid silver field with some lilliputian figures dancing around below it. My interest in business goes no further than my regular Monday to Thursday viewing of Sky TV’s 30-minute-long Jeff Randall Live, nor am I prone to impulse purchases. There was only one copy left. The cover was a little wrinkled. I snatched it, opened it up and couldn’t put it down…

Clearly, Creative director, Richard Turley and Design director, Cynthia Hoffman deserve credit for coming up with the visual concept and putting the package together, as well as commissioning Jennifer Daniel, who is credited as the illustrator, but just one glance at her website is enough for anyone to recognise that she’s much more than that.

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