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Friday, November 9th, 2018

Shinjuku Gyoen
National Garden
Tokyo, Japan


India Hobson +
Magnus Edmondson
of Haarkon

Pavilion Books
224pp hardback.
October 2018

Royal Botanic
Gardens, Kew

London, UK

‘It usually rains wherever we go,’ British photography duo, Magnus Edmondson and India Hobson tell us in the introduction to their book, ‘[it] makes us thankful we chose a project about inside gardens of the world.’

What they refer to as their ‘Greenhouse Tour’ began at the University of Oxford Botanic Garden, where they became smitten by ‘the idea that someone would construct an entire building with the purpose of housing plant life.’ It would take them to distant locations such as Singapore, California’s Palm Springs, Adelaide in Australia and Tokyo in Japan; they travelled to Germany, Denmark and The Netherlands, and many other UK destinations, including Edinburgh, London and Cornwall and, not least, to a DIY allotment greenhouse in their home town.

Private Cacti
Collection, North
Yorkshire, UK

Royal Botanic
, UK

This is a nice, accessible book; it’s well-produced; the layout is clean and unfussy; the text is easy and accessible; the photography is well-composed and consistent. It’s clear that the authors, who are architecture and design fans, and plant enthusiasts – as opposed to plant experts – derive great pleasure from their obsession with glasshouses. Plants and architecture, however, are brought to life by light – it gives them form, it flatters them, bringing out their best features. In the majority of the many pictures included, sunlight scarcely penetrates the verdant interiors from where blue skies are rarely glimpsed through the intricate and ingeniously-designed glass roofs that protect them.

Exotic plants and
waterfall, Cloud
Forest at Gardens by
the Bay
, Singapore

Edmondson and Hobson, who go by the joint name Haarkon, are based in Sheffield, a city renowned for its annual rainfall of 747mm. It’s unfortunate that their overcast weather went on tour with them.

All photos by Haarkon, courtesy Pavilion Books, from Glasshouse Greenhouse by India Hobson and Magnus Edmondson

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