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Travel | Trompe L’oeil / Costa del Sol

Friday, July 13th, 2018

Trompe L’oeil 1

Trompe L’oeil Plants & Flowers
Photographs by Pedro Silmon
Estepona | Spain

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Trompe L’oeil 2

Trompe L’oeil 3

Trompe L’oeil 4

Trompe L’oeil 5

Trompe L’oeil 5

All images © Pedro Silmon 2018

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Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Oilseed Rape
Brassica napus L. ssp. oleifera

To reach the tow-path that runs along a nearby canal, it’s necessary to pass below the A12 via a seedy underpass, evocative of a crime scene. With the intention of photographing wild flowers along the canal, as I approached, I was struck as much by the almost heavenly yellow, reflected light illuminating the floor, walls and ceiling of the tunnel, as by the brilliant colour of the crop growing in the field beyond. A sinister setting, temporarily transformed into something far more uplifting.

The image above will be included in Panorama, in the Gardens section the Pedro Silmon Garden Photography website.

Has anyone else had a similar experience? Please post a comment.

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